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The ITAV has been founded and established by Bridge The Gap Studios to recognise and honour the unseen journeys of unrepresented and unvalued creative people and the village of family, care-givers, advocates and innovators that supported their ideas, growth and success.

We create connecting and immersive experiences that explore and showcase the work of our creative community while addressing current affairs and social issues they face.


We leverage our collective creativity, learning and innovation to positively disrupt the creative industries, and make space for our creative community to equitably engage in creative expression, careers and enterprises.


Bridging The Gap

In 2011, Bridge The Gap Studios was formed to create positive social impact through creative arts for young people and families.


Fast forward to now; hundreds of young people and parents have undergone programmes and workshops addressing generational trauma and socio-economic barriers to a healthy familial lives. 


It's Our Script!

Bridge The Gap Studios run the MyScript programme (with funding and support from Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing & Topboy), an intergenerational creative arts community program creating opportunities for young people (between the ages of 16 to 21), while also engaging parents through a dynamic parenting support program. 

The programme proves to highly impactful with young people and families creating exhibitions, plays and short films addressing the social issues and barriers being experienced across communities across London. 

In 2023, Bridge The Gap Studios teams up with STEP NOW to deliver the programme to inspire and equip young people to produce two short films on the themes of family, healing from trauma, social mobility and the cost of living crisis. 


We see you.

Our growing creative community through Bridge The Gap Studios and partner organisations, express that they feel unrepresented in the creative industries and need more opportunities to be seen and valued. 

Tsion Martins, founder of Bridge The Gap Studios, re-imagines the idea of conventional film festivals to become a film festival built especially for un-valued and un-represented creative people.


Bridge The Gap Studios partners with The Innovators' League, Amanda Starr and The Science Gallery London to deliver the first of its kind, The ITAV Film Festival, in 2024.


The ITAV Film Festival is proud to partner with some of the most respected names in the film industry, and trusted youth/family organisations. We are grateful for their support and commitment to our mission.

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